Friday, July 30, 2010

Gluten-free Hamburger Helper in Publix

Betty Crocker introduced three new gluten-free Hamburger Helpers and one of them - Asian Fried Rice - finally arrived on the shelves at Publix. All three versions are said to be available at both Kroger and Publix locations here now. It usually takes a while for stores to find room on the shelves for new product so it's likely the other mixes are in the back at my store too. However, I had been out most of the day and I wanted to get home so I didn't ask anyone to check the back room for the other gluten-free Hamburger Helpers. When the Betty Crocker mixes arrived there, it took over two weeks for them to get put out but they sold them to me out of the stock room in the meantime.  

The good news is the Asian Fried Rice mix was only $1.59. There was a sign on the shelf that said all Hamburger Helpers were on sale 2 for 1 (or half price if you buy only one), but don't you know the Asian Fried Rice rang up are full price. I would have bothered the clerk to investigate if the new mix was supposed to be half off, but the last time the Betty Crocker mixes were on sale like that, I found out after what seemed like forever that none of the gluten-free mixes "qualified for the sale".

To find out where the new mixes are sold in your area, check the Live Gluten Freely website. You can also sign up there to win a free box of gluten-free Bisquick.    

UPDATE: I had to return the Asian Helper I bought last week. I'm disappointed, but not that surprised. Don't worry - the product is indeed gluten-free - it's just not for me. Here's why.


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