Monday, September 26, 2011

Review: Cookie Dough bars from LUNA Bar

When I was at a food show in July, I was able to sample the Chocolate Peanut Butter bar from LUNA Bar.  There are a few new bars in the line that were specifically created to be gluten-free.  I thoroughly enjoyed the flavor I had and bought some of the bars when I found them later at Natural Foods Warehouse.

Last weekend I found the Cookie Dough flavor at Target and I must say that this flavor is by far my favorite of the two I've tried so far!  It's kind of like a bad-for-you candy bar that is actually pretty good for you.  And unlike most candy bards - the LUNA bar is full of fiber!  This is my new go-to chocolate/protein bar. I paid $5.49 for a box of six bars which I consider a very good deal.  Please note that all bars in this line are NOT gluten-free.      

Friday, September 16, 2011

Gluten-free Not a Fad Diet

This interesting article speaks to the fact that the gluten-free diet is not a fad which most of us already know. But the author shares some interesting ideas on why so many people need to avoid gluten these days compared to yesteryear. Additionally, she mentions how much gluten can damage various part of the body. That's something I don't think everyone understands - but everyone should. Eating gluten can cause such a host of issues and while the gut can heal on the gluten-free diet, many other conditions eating gluten can cause don't go away when someone starts the diet. Unfortunately, those conditions are for life.       

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blue Moon Pizza open in Buckhead!

Yes - it's true! The newest location of Blue Moon Pizza is now open in the heart of Buckhead.  And believe me, it was worth the wait!  Be sure to check out the delicious gluten-free pizza being served up at three metro Atlanta locations. The fourth location in the Sandy Springs area is slated to open in October 2011.

If you check out the Buckhead store, please note the parking is directly across the street from the front door in an unmarked lot.  Alternatively, there is a Blue Moon parking lot (look for sign) down at the adjacent corner of the building the restaurant is in. Free parking is offered at both lots.

Since I was at the new location of Blue Moon for lunch, I didn't think to ask about the gluten-free beer selection, but the other locations typically stock both Redbridge and Green's.  There is a gluten-free menu that explains the company's cross contamination procedures. The staff works very hard to keep their gluten-free pizza truly safe.  And in the over two years I've been enjoyed meals there, my pizzas have always been gluten-free indeed!      

Finally - delicious gluten-free pizza is available in Buckhead!!!!!!

Gluten-free in a pandemic? No problem!

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