Monday, August 3, 2015

Filled cupcakes at Smallcakes - delish!

OK - anyone who frequents the Gigi's in Norcross, which offers many gluten-free flavors (cupcake and frostings) six days a week, might have a hard time getting excited about gluten-free options at Smallcakes in Alpharetta.  They offer gf vanilla one week and gf chocolate the next - only on Tuesdays.  But, recently this location changed the way they offer gluten-free cupcakes.  They now don't frost the cupcakes in advance.  You get to choose your frosting which opens up many exciting flavor options!

For weeks, the frostings of the day (for gf cupcakes) were two that I can't tolerate as they are WAY too sweet.  Then, last week I called and found out about the new frosting free cupcakes that patrons get to choose the frostings for.  I left knowing I could order key lime pie frosting, but got there to find I could also order lemon drop frosting which blew my mind....lemon and coconut cupcakes are my favorites and apparently not many people like them since Gigi's Norcross rarely makes then due to their unpopularity...  But back to Smallcakes!  Needless to say I walk out with two gorgeous cupcakes with a big smile on my face.  However, when I get home to cut each of them in half (yes, I share), they are filled with something....and I'm pretty sure the cake part must not be gluten-free.  In a panic I call the store and the nice woman who made the cupcakes explained the fillings were just put in for me and they are both gluten-free.  And I must say, it's been a very long time since I've had cupcakes are fantastic as these!!!!

The cake part is flavorful and moist and the frosting isn't 2/3 of the product.  My husband enjoyed his two cupcake halves that night and said they were simply amazing.  Since he gets regular baked treats fairly often at work now, his gluten and gluten-free taste comparisons are pretty accurate.

Just like any normal restaurant, this bakery can't guarantee their gluten-free options are perfectly gluten-free, but they do take precautions considering they're in a gluten-filled facility.  I'm not sure why they don't have more gluten-free customers (Gigi's is overrun with them!), but if you're in the area and comfortable buying from regular bakeries, this place is definitely worth checking out!


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