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In January 2006, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Once thought to be a rare condition, it's been proven that about 1 in 100 American adults have celiac and many more of them have gluten intolerance. Both are treated with a 100% gluten-free diet. With a trip to London and Paris planned just months after my new challenging lifestyle began (sorry, it is not just a diet), I had two choices. I could cancel the trip I'd spent almost two years planning or learn everything I could about gluten-free dining in Europe and hope for the best. I researched day and night and traveled abroad as planned. The trip was more than amazing, though it did leave me wanting to move to Europe because of how much easier it was to eat out there then here at home. Again, instead of giving up, I got busy trying to change things here at home. With so many of us working together to affect that change, it has come along - slowly but surely!

When a friend mentioned that she considered me the Clark Howard of gluten-free living and that I should start a blog, I did it. However, I didn't take the work seriously back then. I don't create many recipes and I was always busy managing my own company, after all. Finally, after dabbling in paid writing and consulting opportunities in 2009, I was able to quit my old career and devote my time and energy to working as a freelance writer and gluten-free consultant. You always hear people say it's best to work in a job you'd do for free. I can't afford to do my work for free - but at the same time I can't believe how fortunate I've been to somehow end up in the position I'm in today.

The original name of this blog was Glad to be Gluten Free and that's still my motto today. This blog is now primarily focused on providing gluten-free information to those living in the Metro Atlanta area. Since I'm such a picky gluten-free consumer, I'm now focussing on reviews to help anyone that reaches my posts. I love helping others figure out that they too can be glad to be gluten-free! 

  • Want a restaurant or product review posted on Gluten-FreeAtlanta.com?  Please feel free to contact me at gfintheatl "at" gmail.com.

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