Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cheddar Snackers from The Grainless Baker are fabulous!

The Grainless Baker in PA makes some outstanding gluten-free products, but my faves from the line are the hamburger/hot dog buns, graham crackers and cheese crackers. On a recent visit to Return to Eden (the store has a new website), I picked up the newly reformulated cheese crackers called "Cheddar Snackers". It's hard to imagine that the original version of the bakery's killer cheese crackers could be improved upon, but somehow they were!

The crackers have sleek new packaging as well and since the "snackers" as they're called, are so small, one serving is 17 of them. I didn't eat that many at once but I could easily do so. The crackers are simply delicious - perfectly cheesy and crunchy! I shared a couple of them with a gluten eater recently who stated "those are really good". The comment came complete with a very perplexed look. Hey - not everyone got the memo that most of us are eating fantastic gluten-free foods that taste as good or better than they items they were meant to replace.

If you have not picked up (or ordered) these wonderful gluten-free cheese crackers (like a Cheez-It only better!) yet, you really should check them out! The new "Graham Snackers" are also available at Return to Eden. I've tried five brands of gluten-free graham crackers and for me, none compares to the wonderful version from The Grainless Baker. Be sure to stop in and meet the mastermind behind The Grainless Baker at the upcoming Atlanta Vendor Fair on September 25th!    
*Photo courtesy of The Grainless Baker


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