Wednesday, May 22, 2019

King BBQ closes at Avalon

On our last visit to Bantam+Biddy Avalon, we found out they were closing that location and rebranding the place as a BBQ joint.  The same owners would be in charge so I'd hoped there would be decent gluten-free menu options.  And after a brief stint without chicken fingers, continued complaints of that fact online helped to bring them back to the menu.  That's why we went in to try the place months after it reopened as King BBQ.  My husband really liked the BBQ he ordered and I loved the chicken fingers and cornbread as usual.  Two months later, in December 2018, we stopped by for an early dinner only to find that King BBQ had closed down.

Though the closing is disappointing for those of us who like to order gluten-free chicken fingers every so often, we can't say we were surprised.  Like Yeah! Burger, King had the order-at-the-counter set up.  Unlike Yeah! Burger, there wasn't a place for people to stand in line while they ordered.  My husband even mentioned on our only visit there that he couldn't imagine they would be able to keep the order-at the counter process at King.  At least it wouldn't be feasible without them moving some tables and other things around to accommodate that set up.

*Apologies for the tardiness of this post - I literally thought it posted a while ago!

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