Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Farmhouse finally opens in Johns Creek!

So I've seen the sign on the storefront of The Farmhouse coffee shop for six months or so...but I finally gave up on it ever opening.  I try not to patronize Starbucks much due to the gf cake fiasco of several years back.  Anyway, The Farmhouse opened about a month ago.  The first couple of times I stopped in for a gluten-free treat, they had already sold out for the day.  Finally, my husband popped in on a Saturday and surprised me with a sweet scone (yes, from Seven Sisters Scones) and a piece of pound cake from Sally's Gluten-Free Bakery.   Of course, he ate the pound cake in a nanosecond since it's one of his favorite treats (remember he can and does eat gluten!).  I ate 1/2 the scone and shared the other half since it's so large.  Sorry to say I can't report on the coffee, but the reviews of it so far are pretty positive.  The crepes are not gluten-free - at least not yet.


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