Thursday, February 25, 2016

More options at Seven Sisters Scones!

OK - admittedly, I have written about Seven Sisters Scones several times, but they deserve the coverage!  Not only are their gluten-free (and from what I've heard, their gluten) scones seriously delicious - they now have gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and brownies to boot!  Both new items are yummy, but I'm partial to the cookies since I can easily make great brownies with a mix at home.  But for me, at least, cookies are too time consuming to make.  What's really special about the SSS chocolate chip cookie is that it's plenty sweet, but also has a hint of salt to balance it out. In a word, it's perfectamundo!

One last note on this darling establishment - they now have tables and chairs and not just a counter w/stools for in-house dining.  If you love scones, the offerings at Seven Sisters Scones can NOT be beat!         

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