Friday, October 10, 2014

Verizon Ampitheatre's gluten-free options

If you can get into the VIP areas of Verizon's Amphitheater at Encore park, you will likely find some very tasty gluten-free things to eat.  If you need to eat in the 'normal' areas however, you will be very disappointed.  Before the last show we saw there (The Doobie Bros. and Frampton were incredible!!!), I called to find out what I could eat at the park.  There were TWO whole options - popcorn and the wedge salad.  For real.  I was kind of taken aback at such a poor offering for gluten-free foods.

The woman who told me what was safe even apologized and then she told me something I could at least respect.  She told me to take my own food into the park - the park that does not allow outside food inside.  Yes - she did.  And yes - I did.  I took some snack food in and noshed on it during the opening act.  After that, I was too busy dancing to eat.

We're so spoiled these days being able to eat pretty much anything you can think of that I sometimes forget that large venues are often greatly lacking in providing safe options for guests with food allergies and intolerances.  And the only way things will change is if we all ask for them to.    

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