Friday, October 3, 2014

Best gluten-free lunch value in the ATL

For many years, I've enjoyed meeting friends for lunch at Prime at Lenox Square.  There was a short period when I passed on the addictive cheese grits due to a confused (ex) chef who thought I could not have corn...  In their defense, corn has gluten in it - it's just not the kind someone with celiac has to avoid.  It's confusing to say the least.  Eventually someone figured out the goof and I began ordering the fabulous salmon lunch with grits as usual.

The fish at Prime is seriously fresh tasting and the grits are the best in Atlanta (or GA for that matter).  The place has never had gluten-free bread or buns or anything like that during my visits, but I've never once missed them.  I'm not a mall person and I especially dislike inside malls.  I much prefer places like the Forum in Norcross.  However, Prime offers a very good reason to schlep down to Lenox to fight for a parking space (I used to pay for up front parking as a splurge, but they don't have that option anymore).

It's been over a decade since Prime opened and I think my first visit there was during the first six months.  For some reason which I can't explain, I've never thought to write about it on this site.  If you like seafood and cheese grits, you won't find a better lunch value than the salmon deal for $12.  If you like sushi, you might need to carry your own travel gluten-free soy sauce packs.  Since I don't care for sushi, I'm not aware of the soy sauce situation at Prime.  

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