Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review: Pamela's Product Whenever Bars

Pamela's Oat Chocolate Chip Coconut Whenever Bars
Back in July at the Fancy Food Show in DC, I got to sample some of the Whenever Bars from Pamela's Products.  I've been meaning to get a review of them up since then, but as my work load increases at my day job, there is less and less time for reviews and blog posts.

Based on the many products from this line that I love, it's no surprise that the bars are very tasty!  Since I'm not the biggest fan of bars in general (unless they taste like dessert), I was pleasantly surprised by the Whenever Bars.  I tried two flavors -  Oat Chocolate Chip Coconut and Oat Raisin Walnut Spice. They are both really good, but the Oat Chocolate Chip Coconut tips the scale as the best of the two in my book.  I actually had one of the bars for breakfast on the last day of the DC trip as my airport shuttle pick up was at 5:30 am and breakfast service started at 6 am - ouch!

Pamela's Products uses certified gluten-free oats in the bars, of course.  They are pretty high in fiber with 10% of the RDA per bar.  The bars are somewhat filling compared to the dessert-type bars I usually have - almost like a meal replacement bar for me anyway.  You can learn more about the healthy bars here.    

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