Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mellow Mushroom near Colonial 18 Theatres has gluten-free pizza

My husband's co-worker went to the location on Highway 120 in Lawrenceville for lunch and noticed they had gluten-free pizza. He was thoughtful to tell my husband about it....it's so nice when that happens. Unfortunately for me, they are serving a brand of crust I don't care for at all. It's the one used at Pizza Fusion so if you liked the gluten-free pizza there, you'll likely enjoy it at MM. It's too bad that that the deal for the chain to use a crust from Domata fell through. That pizza crust runs circles around the one MM ended up going with - in my opinion, anyway.

We drove all the way to Conyers to try the gluten-free pizza at Mellow Mushroom months ago. I almost cried thinking of the time and money wasted for a pizza that wasn't as half as good as one I could make at home. Maybe MM should consider using the crust from Udi's. I found a way to make that crust taste like a pizzeria pizza pie...my post about that will hit next week on Celiac-Disease.com. It will be nice when Blue Moon Pizza finally opens up in Gwinnett!

Hopefully, people that like the gluten-free pizza at Mellow Mushroom will go out and support the effort of the chain to cater to our market. I'm super picky - most people seem to like the crust fine.


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