Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Delight gluten-free magazine on sale now

OK - I'll admit this is a shameless plug for the gluten-free magazine I write for. To be honest, I don't care what magazine people in the gluten-free community read - as long as they read one of them. It is so sad that so people contact me about the most outdated info regarding the same ingredients over and over and over again. We have to avoid enough already - why make it  harder than it has to be? If someone was told to follow the gluten-free diet ten years ago, and they have not kept up to date on the most current news available, they are likely eating cardboard tasting bread and drinking potato vodka (assuming they like vodka). In the Fall issue of Delight gluten-free, Shelley Case addresses some of the most commonly confused gluten-free ingredients. Look for the "Ask the Expert" article in the next issue.

In the current (Summer) issue of Delight gluten-free, you'll find so many gluten-free recipes your head will be spinning. There is a recipe guide so that you can look for recipes that suit your own needs - gluten, dairy, corn and egg free - for example. I'm actually quite surprised by how many egg free recipes are in the new issue of the magazine. Several are even in the dessert section. There are budget friendly recipes and many cool summer salads and treats for those scorching summer days. I'm planning on making the Key Lime Shooters soon!

If you live in the ATL, you might find my article about gluten-free dining options in the area worth checking out. From high end to mid priced places to gluten-free BBQ to unique dining concepts - it's all covered. I'm so sorry that Blue Moon Pizza wasn't listed correctly in the article. Their name was bolded like the other options on my end and somehow the magazine's editing tool changed it (and a word - misspelling it). Gotta love technology...not...lol! My other article in the magazine is all about Asheville. If you live anywhere near there or even in Atlanta - it's worth taking a trip to Asheville to explore the great gluten-free offerings there.

There is now a Quick Guide for the Gluten-Free and Casein-Free Diet in every issue of the magazine. That's what our readers asked for so that's what they got! Hard Ciders are reviewed - so freshing on hot summer days! Custom Choice Cereal is featured as a great new gluten-free cereal option. Have you heard about it? It is an ingenious idea. Visit the Custom Choice Cereal website to find out how you can order your own customized gluten-free cereal! The company can not attend the upcoming Atlanta vendor fair due to a previous engagement, but I'm hoping to be able to hand out brochures for them at my table. I'll also be selling Shelley Case's book, all the Triumph Dinning products and my own t-shirts and hats. Stop by and say hello if you attend the gluten-free event of the year in the ATL!  

Delight gluten-free magazine is sold at Whole Foods, Barnes & Nobles and Borders book stores. It tends to sell out fairly quickly even though most of the stores increase their quantity orders with each issue. As with any magazine, it's more economical to subscribe to the magazine.    



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  1. Several people have complained that they can't find Delight gf magazine at Whole Foods. As of last week, there were three copies left in the front magazine display at the Duluth, GA location. The back rack near the pizza counter was out of them, but they did have Living Without there which is another great publication. I believe they have more copies on the way to Whole Foods.


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