Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Gluten Free Pasta in Atlanta - Saba opens a second location!

OK - so it's not a new place but it's still an addition to our quickly expanding 'safe' list of gluten free friendly restaurants in town. And the new location is on the trendy Decatur square, no less. Since I helped Saba on their gluten free path, I'm happy to see that in an economy where many restaurants here are folding left and right, Saba is instead prospering and opening their second location. Shane (the owner) allowed me to take the dinner club in for our July event. The Emory location is not very big and we took over almost the entire space.

My opinion was asked about which pasta to use for our event and I suggested the Bionaturae brand, since it's the best tasting one I can buy locally. It's made in Italy and very good. Bi-Aglut makes the BEST gluten free pasta I've had but it's very difficult to get in the US. Some people with Celiac don't handle soy well and the Bionaturae pasta contains soy. And that's exactly why I think it tastes like the gluten pasta I used to consume. My favorite pancake mix contains soy flour as well. Most places in the area that have gluten free pasta offer corn or rice pasta and I don't care for either. Finally with Saba I got to enjoy great pasta when dining out again.

Last month my husband and I were perusing the wares at the Decatur Arts Festival and I looked up from the middle of the square to see a sign that said 'Saba' on a storefront. What - Saba is moving? But they weren't moving - just expanding. Maaaarvelous! Now we can have dinner on the square and then saunter down to the Chocolate Bar for their gluten free 'Oreos and Cream' dessert (a decadent dark chocolate treat that is not made with actual Oreos, of course or it would not be gluten free). Or if we're looking for a lower fat treat after dinner, Saba offers about the best sorbet in Atlanta. And the presentation for it is really something to see!

Periodically when I'm at Saba, the owner Shane will tell me about out of town customers that stumbled upon his place and were shocked to find he actually has a printed gluten free menu - two in their family had Celiac. Or he'll mention the party of ten who came all the way from Tennessee for a 40th birthday party. Only one person, the guy with the birthday, was gluten free. You see, when we tell restaurant owners and managers that they can increase their business by offering offer gluten free menu choices, we are not kidding. And Saba is the gluten free proof in the pudding of that fact. Thanks to Shane and all his crew for making not only safe gluten free pasta meals for us - but for making them fabulous tasting as well! Maybe you'll expand to Gwinnett one of these days...hey I can dream can't I?

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