Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gluten-free doughnuts anyone?

As I was sitting here thinking about how I must shed some extra pounds when the new year arrives (pretending that I could do it before Christmas and NYE would be delusional), I heard the UPS truck drive up. Even though the delivery guy didn't ring the door bell, he was on the phone so I heard him on the front stoop. I opened the door to find a huge box from a company representing Glutino and Ian's. Inside was a dry ice cooler that contained a bag of gluten-free onion rings from Ian's and four boxes of gluten-free doughnuts from Glutino. I've heard the latter runs rings around KK's version in terms of taste and texture, but I'll be the judge of that after I try them. Look for my review (of the doughnuts) on next week.

While I'm really excited to try the doughnuts, I'm not scarfing them all down by myself. My husband loves chocolate doughnuts so he can eat all those except for one which I'll have to try to review it. I can share some of the glazed flavor with my gluten-free family members during the holidays as well. When I ate gluten I rarely ate doughnuts, but since I've been gluten-free I've dreamed of finding a gluten-free Krispy Kreme (that is sold in stores). I'll enjoy finding out how close Glutino comes in terms of making that dream come true!



  1. I am definitely interested in your thoughts on the Glutino donuts. I prefer the Kinnikinnick donuts

  2. Oh! Well, I've heard that people prefer one or the other but not both. I definitely don't care for the KK version so maybe I'll like the Glutino least, I'm hoping that's the case. That said, I need another gluten-free doughnut like a hole in the head!

    Happy holidays Erin and thanks for stopping by!


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