Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In Memory of David Marc Fischer

Last month I posted some terribly sad news about the death of a true advocate in the gluten-free community. David Marc Fischer wrote the blog Gluten-Free NYC and helped countless visitors to the Big Apple enjoy amazing gluten-free adventures there - myself included.

Since that sad day I've wrestled with thoughts about doing something special in memory of David. David and I both had Cafe Press stores which offer gluten-free slogans on merchandise. Because I didn't care if someone bought a shirt from my store or someone else's, I added David's and the Celiac Chicks store links to my Atlanta Examiner.com page when I started it. The point of my store - and most gluten-free products stores there - is to spread awareness. If you are familiar with Cafe Press you know that the company is making most of the money off the sales - not the shop owners.

The New York City Celiac Meetup group is hosting a dinner on Sept. 14th in honor of David. If there was any way possible for me to be there I would be. Erin Smith is the Organizer of the Meetup group up there, and she's planning a very special event for David's gluten-free friends at one of David's favorite restautants - Lilli and Loos.

Recently, I awoke with the idea of how I could honor David. From Sept. 1st to Dec. 31st 2009, all my profits from my Cafe Press store will be donated in David's name to The Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University. December is my biggest month by far at the shop so that is why I'm going to extend this donation promise through the end of the year.

If you don't like anything in my shop, check out David's shop. David was all about spreading awareness in the world about celiac disease and living gluten-free. The point is to help spread awareness in any small way you can. David was a generous, witty and wonderful person and those who knew him in NYC - or from the online gluten-free community will miss him dearly.

Special thanks to Erin Smith for putting together this special event in honor of David.

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