Wednesday, March 26, 2008

From Soups to Nuts - more gluten free favorites

Sorry this post is late but I had to report the fabulous gluten free wedding event before I could get to this. Below is a list of my favorite shelf stable and frozen products. In most, but not all cases, I've tried the competitors of these products and found them either not good, or not good enough to feed the small wildlife animals that call our backyard home.


*Bionaturae (contains soy)
*Tinkyada (used for lasagne only)
Soups / Broths

*Wolfgang Puck - gluten free items listed on their website
*Amy's - gluten free options marked on can
*Pacific Organics - gluten free options marked on box

Crackers / Pretzels / Baked Goods

*Ener-G - regular and onion flavored crackers, sesame pretzels
*Valpi-Form - Salty Crackers, Madeleines , Mini Marble Cakes - available from I Can Eat It
*Schar - buttery flavored crackers
*Glutino - twisted and stick pretzels (use for making gf Chex-like party mix)

Salad Dressings / Pasta Sauces
*Drew's - gluten free marked on bottle, some are dairy free also
*Amy's - use this lines' dressing packets for travel - available from Minimus
*Newman's Own - gluten free list on their website


Muffins / Scones / Biscuits / Pie Crusts

*Gluten Free Bakehouse - lemon poppyseed muffins, cranberry orange scones, cheddar biscuits (available only at Whole Foods)
*Foods by George - blueberry muffins
*Natural Feast - this pie crust is good for pre-made but very small

Pizza / Entrees / Dips

*Glutino - I use their plain crust to make my own mini pizza
*Amy's - cheese enchiladas
*Cedar Lane - 5 layer Mexican dip (packaging recently changed to note gluten free)

*Sherbetter - lemon sorbet
*Sharon's - raspberry and coconut sorbet (latter not fat free but incredible)
*Gluten Free Bakehouse - ginger cookies, brownies

When I posted my first 'favorites' list, including gluten free mixes, I had not tried a line from Tracey's Treats. Now that I have, I have to say their bread mix makes an excellent bread and a fabulous pizza crust, and you could open a bakery selling just muffins from the muffin mix. They are that incredible tasting! I had a little batter left over after filling up the muffin tin so I made a mini blueberry breakfast cake by sprinkling brown sugar on the top of the remaining batter and baking in a loaf pan (shown below the muffins). The pizza below was topped with pesto sauce, smoked turkey, artichoke hearts, white American chesse and Kalamata olives.
I'll end by saying that there is the most fabulous food you can imagine out there, some easy to obtain, other things you have to work to find. Either way it's up to you to buy, try and decide for yourself what your own favorites are. And don't settle for something that's good, considering it's gluten free - please set your standards higher than that. Make sure it's good enough for glutenoids and then it should be good enough for you!

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  1. Great round up! Thanks for the list, it's nice to have a few go-to references.



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