Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Food banks in need of gluten-free donations

With the number of people getting their food from food banks on the rise and the number of people who need to eat gluten-free also on the rise, there is a real need for more gluten-free food donations at food banks.  In fact, it's a huge problem because if you've ever looked at what's on the shelves at food banks, the items are usually heavy on the gluten.  From Campbell's soups to Kraft mac-n-cheese - the options are very often items that are off limits to people who can't tolerate gluten.

Check out the article (link below) about the problem and please share it with others if you're so inclined.  I saw a news report recently that quoted something like 1 in 6 Americans don't get enough to eat.  That means that many people who can't tolerate gluten also don't have enough to eat.  Now imagine that when those people try to secure something to eat from a food bank, there is very little being offered that they can safely consume.

Together, even if just taking time to share this with others, we can actually make a difference.  Thanks to everyone who takes the time to spread the word about this serious need in our country!

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