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Amazing gluten-free waffles in Gator Town!

On a spring visit to see family in Gainesville, FL, we had lunch at Harvest Thyme Cafe.  Even though it was around noon, I ordered the gluten-free waffles, which are the only kind served up at this quaint cafe.  That's right - if you want a waffle there, you're getting a gluten-free version.  And no one would ever know the difference!  If the cafe served both gluten and gluten-free waffles, I would have thought I'd been served the wrong version by mistake.  They are that amazing!

As far as I can tell, the waffles are only available at the Magnolia Parke location.

We are going back to visit family in the fall and I can NOT wait to enjoy these amazing waffles again!  Harvest Thyme Cafe will be our first stop on arrival in Gator Town from now on!


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