Monday, November 14, 2011

Sally's Bakery offers Thanksgiving treats!

If you are in the Atlanta area, you probably know that the first gluten-free bakery here was Sally's Bakery in Sandy Springs. The bakery owners are dedicated to creating tasty gluten-free foods that are so good gluten eaters don't suspect they're gluten-free!  Many of their creations are dairy-free as well!  Just in time for Thanksgiving, Sally's Bakery is offering specialty holiday staples and treats.  They also tweaked their hamburger buns a bit so they're a normal size and are said to be just like a normal gluten containing bun!  I've placed my holiday order and am excited to try some new items from Sally's on Thanksgiving! 

With the bakery owner's permission, I'm posting their most recent newsletter below.


We hope this newsletter finds everyone enjoying this fall weather!  After a great deal of experimentation and feedback, we are happy to introduce our new hamburger buns.  It is a completely new recipe; they are actually hamburger bun size and you would be hard pressed to tell they are gluten free. We're very pleased with this new recipe; they have the texture and feel of regular buns so grab a pack next time you're in!

Bun Ingredients: brown rice flour, non-GMO cornstarch, tapioca flour, eggs, sugar, canola oil, potato flour, non-GMO cornmeal, yeast, rice bran, baking powder, vinegar, gelatin, egg replacer, xanthan gum, sea salt

With Thanksgiving coming up, we are pleased to announce the following additions to our menu:

9” Pumpkin Pie – $13.99 – As a holiday staple, this favorite will round out your Thanksgiving meal or make a great breakfast the next day...if it lasts! – Our pumpkin pie is gluten free and soy free.  Contains dairy and eggs.

9” Pecan Pie – $15.99 – Our best ever pecan pie is a must have in our house.  No one will ever know it's gluten free.  We're using fresh south Georgia pecans to top this pleasantly sweet southern favorite. – Our pecan pie is gluten free and soy free.  Contains dairy and eggs.

8" Apple Buckle Cake – $14.99  – Our apple buckle is very similar to an apple coffee cake.  With the perfect balance of brown sugar and cinnamon this treat will be gone before you know it! – Our apple buckle cake is gluten free and soy free.  Contains dairy and eggs.

Yeast Dinner Rolls (pack of 6) – $5.99 – These classic yeast dinner rolls will be a great addition to your Thanksgiving menu and are sure to melt in your mouth. – Our dinner rolls are free of gluten, soy, dairy, and eggs.

9" Chocolate Cake - $14.99 - This is our classic chocolate cake recipe many of you have had just in a smaller version.  You can trick your gluten-eating family and friends; they won't be able to tell it's gluten free! - Our chocolate cake is free of gluten, soy, and eggs.  Contains dairy (butter only).  Dairy free version available upon request.

9" Vanilla Cake - $14.99 - This is our classic yellow cake recipe many of you have had as well.  You can trick your gluten-eating family and friends; they won't be able to tell it's gluten free! - Our vanilla cake is gluten free and soy free. Contains dairy (butter only) and eggs.

Let us help you save some time this Thanksgiving!  These additional offerings will be available from Tuesday, November 15th through Wednesday, November 23th by special order.  Special orders may be picked up after 12pm.  Some items will be frozen.  Place your order by phone, via email, using the contact form, or in person!  Also, to make Thanksgiving week easier we will be open on Monday, November 21st with regular weekday hours.  

Our holiday schedule is as follows:

Open Monday, November 21st - Wednesday, November 23rd: 10:00am - 5:30pm.
Closed Thursday, November 24th - Monday, November 28th.
We will reopen with our normal operating hours on Tuesday, November 29th.
Thank you all for your support!

Best regards,

Sally, Bonnie, Taylor, and Davis Owings

Sally's Bakery - A Gluten Free Place
5920 Roswell Road, Suite 108A
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Bakery: 404-847-0211

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UPDATE 11-17-11:  I picked up my order from Sally's Bakery today and the soft, FRESH hamburger buns demanded we have burgers for dinner.  We paired bun-less burgers from Five Guys with Sally's 'new and improved' hamburger buns.  Well, believe it or not - the new buns are really improved even though they were pretty tasty before!  While I've never had a gluten bun at Five Guys, my husband gets them most of the time and he said without question that the Sally's Bakery buns were much better than the gluten buns he normally gets!  Now that is impressive - and surprising! 

It's important to note that the buns need to be refreshed after they've been frozen and you must use a low temperature (200-250 degrees) to do this.  I like warm buns so even though I could have eaten the very soft buns right out of the bag, I heated them slightly at 250 in the toaster oven.  Now we have another thing to be thankful for at this special time of year - delicious gluten-free buns from Sally's Bakery! 


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