Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wonderful gluten-free doughnuts

OK - I know that most people seem to really like the gluten-free doughnuts from Kinnikinnick. I can't say that I like those at all...not even the chocolate one that someone told me was like great chocolate cake if you warmed it up. I think KK's waffles are fab as are their K-Toos cookies, but I can't tolerate the taste or texture of their doughnuts.

For some reason, I've recently encountered several people that share my opinion about KK's gluten-free doughnuts. They all want to know where they can find really good (or possibly great) gluten-free doughnuts. I have two answers for them - Island GF Bakery in Sarasota (sorry they can't ship doughnuts as they are fried and only good the day they're made) and Celiac Specialties. The latter bakery makes killer powdered doughnut and doughnut holes, in addition to other types. The powdered variety tastes as good (or better than) the kind stocked on an end cap at the grocery store. The difference is that the gluten kind is full of fake ingredients.

Shipping powdered doughnuts in warm weather isn't advisable, but now that the weather has finally cooled, it's time for me to take orders from my friends (that also love the offerings from CS) and get our order in. When you order together, you save a lot on shipping and even though most of the food that is shipped to me is free, I just don't like paying to ship food in if I can avoid it.


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