Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reformulated Betty Crocker gluten-free cake mix at Publix

Ever since I found out about the reformulation of the Devil's Food gluten-free cake mix from Betty Crocker, I've been on the lookout for it. I finally found it over the weekend at Publix, but was surprised that the soy flour is listed last in the ingredients. I doubt that change could have improved the cake a lot, but when I need to make a chocolate cake, I'll give it a try and find out. There don't seem to be any other changes except the addition of soy flour.

At this time, General Mills reports that no other ingredient changes are in the works for the gluten-free Betty Crocker line. However, when I called to confirm the change in the Devil's Food cake mix, the rep. I spoke to was surprised that any change had taken place. After putting me on hold for quite a while, she returned to confirm the change re: the soy flour in the gluten-free Devil's Food cake mix.

The Devil's Food cake mix was fine at it was - it just wasn't spectacular. The new cake mix from King Arthur Flour and the one from Pamela's Products are both exceptional chocolate cake mixes.

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