Natural Foods Warehouse is expanding!

My absolute favorite place to buy gluten-free products in the ATL is expanding soon! News about locations will be posted on the company's website soon. When I found out this news, I was quite surprised. In the last month, our Lowe's and my favorite fabric store closed down. Things are bad all around, and yet, this wonderful store is able to open new locations in this rocky economy....stay tuned!

We're giving away Carol Fenster's new cookbook on on October 12th. Leave a comment for your chance to win - starting October 5th! Next week, our give-away will be for a gluten-free magazine subscription....I'm sure you can guess which! Last but not least, later this month we'll be giving away the gluten-free Bisquick prize pack. Hey - no one can say I won't promote something I don't like. I'm pickier than most and so far, I seem to be in the minority regarding the new Bisquick. To each his own, as they say. Maybe the scones I'm trying next with the mix will come out better than the lousy pancakes.
Gluten-free find of the week - Green's Blonde gluten-free beer at Package 29 in Lilburn. Also, Progresso soups are still on sale 2 for 1 at Publix this week!


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