Friday, October 1, 2010

Remember to ALWAYS get copies of your lab work!

This post is to remind everyone that it is imperative to ask for all your lab results for every medical test you have. You'll have to sign a waiver in order for the doctor to release the paperwork (the actual copies from the lab) to you. Do that and then tell the office (and doctor) to note on your chart that you want every lab test result sheet sent to you after each visit. What most doctors do is send patients a sheet with a summary of the test results which is great unless they forget to list something important.

I had my annual exam in January of this year and at a recent appointment, I asked for my results sheets that the office said they sent in February that never arrived. Unfortunately, after reading my lab work at the doctor's office, I realized that my doctor had not noted something she should have on her appointment  follow up sheet back in January. Thankfully, it wasn't anything super important, but what if it had been? Before I was diagnosed with celiac, I had no idea how important it was to get copies of my lab results. The one time in almost five years that I didn't get them (and didn't follow up on it) was the one time that my doctor goofed. If you are not getting your lab paperwork from your doctor (or doctors), you are taking risks with your health - seriously.

While it might be a bit confusing when you don't understand something meant for a doctors eyes, it's better to get the paperwork and ask questions if you need to. Something noted on my sheet actually read quite oddly and after my doctor explained what it meant, it was actually good news instead of something that read rather negatively. It's like a sixth grader came up with some of the working for the results sheets. Anyway, please people - get your lab work - all of it - ALWAYS.

It will be a while before I write up my recap of the recent Atlanta GF Vendor fair, but just know it was by far the best event the group has ever put on. In fact, prior shows kind of look pale by comparison and last year's event was pretty terrific. Due to me having to work the event, I actually have appointments with some local vendors that I missed out on spending time with or trying their wares. Thanks to those of you who stopped by our table to buy something or just say hello. It was great to meet quite a few of my readers and the positive feedback you shared with me really warmed my heart. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much!        

Fall has finally arrived in the ATL so I'm going out to enjoy the beautiful day. Wishing all of you a lovely -  and tasty  - gluten-free weekend!




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