Download Thanksgiving e-book from Jules Gluten Free!

Before I met Jules Shepard at her recent cooking class in Atlanta, I knew what a genuinely nice person she was. The fact that she can bake a gluten/dairy free cake that you'd be proud the serve the most obnoxious gluten-free food avoider you know is just...well, icing on the gluten-free cake!

My fourth gluten-free holiday season was last year and even I was able to learn something of value from Jules' Gluten-Free Thanksgiving e-book. More than recipes, there are tips that will make your holiday smoother overall. Who wants to insult Aunt Sally who is famous for her gluten pumpkin pie? Food can be a tricky subject in some families and learning how not to step on the feelings of others is a key component to enjoying the holidays yourself.

Since I'm always working ahead with my online writing, I didn't have time to post the special deal from Jules when other gluten-free bloggers did. Kim Bouldin over at explains what the book covers here. Jules sent me a code for the free download that expires on October 21st. If you haven't already downloaded the great e-book from Jules Gluten Free, I recommend you do it now. Click here and enter the code thanks10CD (case sensitive) at checkout. Enjoy!  


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