Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gluten-free cinnamon buns coming to Atlanta Whole Foods!

We rarely shop at Whole Foods anymore, except to buy overpriced "to die for" cheeses that we can't find elsewhere. All their gluten-free items cost more than at the store we shop at around the corner (Natural Foods Warehouse) from our Whole Foods. However, there might soon be a reason to pop back into Whole Foods every now and then. Sweet Odelle's gluten-free cinnamon buns will soon be available in the Atlanta area locations. The ink on the deal is dry so look for the cinnamon buns to start showing up at Whole Foods soon! Sweet Odelle's is based in Suwanee, GA and does not have a store front.

The tightly rolled, small cinnamon buns that we had were simply delicious! Sweet Odelle's is a local company and you can buy the cinnamon buns now at the farmers markets they exhibit at. Check their website for market details.We didn't care for the cream cheese glaze which is the most popular for the gluten-free buns. Vanilla is more up our alley when it come to glazes.

The owner of the Sweet Odelle's can't eat gluten so this venture is not about someone jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon without understanding how to make truly gluten-free products. They take every precaution to make safe foods in a multi use facility.

Please note: the photo above is for the regular cinnamon buns. We  had our very early before leaving town and I forgot to snap a photo of them. The gluten-free buns are quite small, but I only ate one of them. My  husband scarfed down four in one sitting. If you buy them at the farmers market, the price is $10 for six small buns or 4 large ones. I'm not sure what the Whole Foods price will be.


  1. This is a great blog. Thank you for sharing! Can you please add a link/button to Sweet Odelle's on your website sidebar? Thanks again!

  2. Thank you. Actually, if I added links for everything I like on my side bar, I would not have anywhere to put posts. You can link to the bakery's website within the post itself it though.


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