Monday, July 12, 2010

Atlanta gluten-free find of the week

Even though I found the crust-less gluten-free quiche made by Lean on Me Baking Company at Whole Foods over a year ago, I could never bring myself to pay $4.99 for the tiny single serving box. When shopping at Return to Eden yesterday, I found the same product for only $2.79 so into the basket it went. I had the quiche for breakfast today and while it was OK, it wasn't anything to get excited about. First off, it was made with egg whites.. I didn't read the label past the "gluten-free" part. My bad. Next, the spinach flavor was overwhelming and I could barely detect the cheese. Cheese is my fave ingredient in quiche so this was a real negative for me as well.

Even though this exact product is clearly not for me, people who love spinach and egg white omelets would probably love it. Many others would enjoy the portable-ness of it. Throw it into a cooler bag on the way to visit friends out of town (if it's a road trip) and you'll have a safe gluten-free breakfast in three minutes flat. The quiche is high in protein (16g) and low in calories (120). I will likely try another version of the quiche to see if it appeals more to my taste buds. The company also makes mini gluten-free cheesecake (sans the crust), but I'm not a fan of cheesecakes in general. I'd love to try their gluten-free carrot cake and the new gluten-free cookie dough though!      


  1. Although the convenience of this product sounds nice, I think it is just as easy (and cheaper!) to make your own. I make almost the same thing in a small casserole dish. I then cut the quiche up into three pieces and freeze two of the three. I go the idea from the South Beach diet a few years ago.

  2. Agreed - it's much cheaper to do exactly that! But when you don't have time for such things, ready-made items are great to have on hand. I make frittata's often and freeze portions for later use. I'm assued to get tons of cheese in the dish that!

    Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to hear all about the Vendor Fair in Suffolk County next month. Enjoy it and eat something fabulous for me ;)


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