Friday, July 23, 2010

Atlanta has its own gluten-free home brew

Alright. The gluten-free beer crafted by the talented Brewmaster at 5 Seasons Brewing is not exactly new - but the current version of it is. I was invited in to taste test the beer the day before it was set to start pouring in February and I decided to take a few friends along. Actually, I had no idea my beer was being comped or I would not have invited anyone, of course. Four out of six in the group ordered the beer. It was...not very good. One person in our party, Joy Johnston, used to be a food critic and she is a bit of a beer expert. She was not impressed either.

Fast forward to June when I met a friend for lunch at the Alpharetta location of 5 Seasons Brewing. As we enjoyed our delicious house made gluten-free pizzas (which are very much like gluten flat breads), the Brewmaster popped over to the table and offered to give us a sample of his newly reformulated gluten-free beer. Even though it was lunch time, we were 1- not working and 2- we only had a shot of beer, literally. Still not being a beer aficionado myself, I can't tell you what notes is has or anything else. I can tell you the beer is exceptional tasting. I'd be shocked to find out that gluten beer drinkers could not appreciate the taste and smoothness of this Atlanta brewed gluten-free beer!

5 Seasons Brewing has really stepped up their gluten-free game of late and even hosted a gluten-free fish and chips dinner for the local gluten-free dinner club recently. We were out of town that weekend (last minute plans) so I had to cancel going to the event, but I heard it was absolutely incredible! I'll be enjoying some gluten-free fish and chips at the Alpharetta location soon. It is not on the menu all the time, but if the kitchen is not too busy, they will make it for gluten-free patrons on request. At last check, the gluten-free beer was only available in the Westside and Alpharetta locations and not in Sandy Springs.

The beer in the above photo was from the very first batch of not so great beer. I didn't take a photo of the shot of the new beer which looks like beer. It's not cloudy or orange. It's just terrific! When I contacted the Asheville brewers group about their gluten-free offerings several months ago for my travel piece in Delight gluten-free, they didn't have one yet. Crawford (the Brewmaster) at 5 Seasons Brewing has done himself proud indeed!

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