Friday, July 30, 2010

Blue Moon Pizza expanding in the ATL!

Kelvin at Blue Moon Pizza is working hard to secure some new locations in the Atlanta area. If you haven't tried the gluten-free pizza and cheesy bread there yet, you're REALLY missing out! Anyway, both locations are over in Cobb county - kind of a far trek for us so we tend to go there on the way back from TN (if it's not a Sunday when the restaurant is closed). Anyway, the locations Kelvin is looking to expand to are up Peachtree Industrial in Suwanee, over on 141 in Johns Creek area (or Abbot's Creek) and the Glenridge Connector area.

Kelvin and his team have worked out details regarding cross contamination issues since they do make gluten pizzas there too. I've heard great things about the gluten-free blondie dessert, but after having cheesy bread and pizza, we never have room for dessert with ice cream! If they ever get opened on our side of town, I will go there just to try the blondie - no doubt!

The photo on top is a cheeseburger pizza that my husband ordered once. It was heavy on the meat which I don't love but as long as I get my cheesy bread (other photo), he can pick the pizza we get. Today, I had a small Greek salad and split the cheesy bread with a friend. I still got to bring some cheesy bread home to enjoy with a salad for lunch tomorrow. I actually like the cheesy bread better than the gluten-free pizza and a gluten eater I know told me that the gluten-free pizza might be better than the gluten one. Yes - it's that fabulous people!

*Eating out might be a risk - but it's one I most definitely think is worth taking. Life is short enough so don't let being gluten-free hold you back from living it to the fullest every day!  


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