Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wonderful Ingles commercial

There is an absolutely fantastic TV commercial that Ingles (grocery chain) is running in our market.  In the spot, a mom is talking about her child, who is also in the commercial, having celiac disease and how great it is that they can find gluten-free products at Ingles.  I never tire of watching it - it's as uplifting as can be!

Back in October, I ran into the Ingles Dietitian, Leah McGrath, at a gluten-free event in Atlanta.  She explained that the mom and child in the commercial are real customers.  They are not actors, but normal folks Leah helped find in the community to make the commercial.  Isn't that amazing?!  That is certainly not common these days - a real family representing themselves in a TV commercial.  It's simply wonderful!

Ingles is the only grocer in our market that has done any commercials about gluten-free products and in fact, they've done several to date.  The latest installment is either the second or third one they've produced that specifically mentions gluten-free products.  I remember the first one I saw had a guy asking where the gluten-free pancake mix was in an Ingles store.  I was so stunned by it that I almost fell off my chair!

Kudos to Ingles for knowing the gluten-free consumer is not part of a quickly fading fad.  Not only does the Southeast grocer have an extensive and growing list of gluten-free products on shelves and in freezers at many of their stores, they know how important it is to let potential customers know they have them available!   

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