Monday, December 12, 2011

Review: Kettle Cuisine gluten-free soups

Ever since I discovered Kettle Cuisine frozen soups, I've been enjoying them and telling everyone I know (gluten eaters included) about how great they are. First and foremost the entire line of soups is gluten-free.  There are several flavors that are also dairy-free and some low fat and vegetarian options.  Even though I've written about the line many times, I was just recently offered the chance to do a review in exchange for some free soup.  The weather in Atlanta was pretty dreadful recently (for us wimpy Southerners), so it was perfect timing that the sample box arrived just in time for winter temps!

I've not tried all the flavors of Kettle Cuisine soups, but of those I've had, the Chicken Chili with White Beans is my absolute favorite!  Next in line is the Angus Beef Steak chili with Beans. Each of those are very thick, almost stew-like soups, with strong and perfectly blended flavors.  They are both incredibly delicious!

The Three Bean Chili and Southwestern Chicken and Corn Chowder are both extremely tasty soups as well.  The latter is quite spicy and the flavors in it are strong, but not overpowering.  Most of the soups I eat from Kettle Cuisine contain a serving of vegetables which makes them both delicious and healthy.

One flavor of the soup, Thai Curry Chicken Soup, actually surprised me because I've never liked anything with curry in the name.  So, imagine my surprise when I tasted this soup from Kettle Cuisine and thought it was fantastic.  Maybe I now like curry...not quite sure what's going on.  Maybe the curry flavor is very subtle in this soup.  Whatever is going on, I'm so glad I found another great soup from Kettle Cuisine to enjoy!  Find out where to purchase Kettle Cuisine soups near you by clicking HERE.

*Some, but not all of the soups reviewed above were sent to me free of charge.  As always, my opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.     

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