Friday, March 4, 2011

Winter Delight gluten-free finally arrives!

What perfect timing that it is hovering near forty degrees in Atlanta and I received a box of Delight gluten-free magazines on my front stoop today. It's a bit late, to say the least, but oh it is so worth the wait! Anyone who's living gluten-free and planning a wedding will not want to miss this issue! See how Udi's played a part in this special wedding. The couple's gluten-free honeymoon in Thailand adventures are not to be believed!

My interview with the wonderful Allesio Fasano, MD discusses a possible vaccine and cure for celiac disease as well as why some people can't tolerate pure gluten-free oats. I just might have to make the corn and crab chowder recipe in the new issue this weekend. It looks simply amazing!

Delight gluten-free is truly the little allergen-free lifestyle magazine that could! It started off as something local that grew into something much larger....almost too quickly for comfort. Who would have thought a new niche market publication would have this kind of growth in such a short time? I'm pretty sure none of us knew that people would respond in the amazingly positive way that they have.

Some of you might be aware that our subscription service server crashed and it's not back up yet. For that we can only apologize and ask for your patience. When everything is back up and running, we'll have a much more seamless operation for new subscriptions, renewals and back issue orders. Much needed changes are taking place to ensure that future issues arrive in a timely manner and that reader inquiries are replied to promptly.

As the new Advertising Manager for the magazine, I believe I've contacted all potential advertisers that reached out to us during our transition. However, if I missed you somehow, please contact me by clicking here. I'd love to help you get your products or services exposed to our readers. Our summer issue will be our largest production run to date!    

Last but not least, I'd like to thank everyone who has stuck with Delight gluten-free through our growing pains. Our entire team pledges to make sure you don't regret it one bit. As always, thank you so very much for your continued support!      

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