Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sugar Shack in ATL has gluten-free cupcakes

I'm on Metrotainment's mailing list and they sent out a note about their new Brookhaven establishment, Sugar Shack, yesterday. I called the place and found out they have chocolate cupcakes daily (until they sell out). I've not been or tried the cupcakes, nor do I know what their cross contamination prevention procedures are. I just wanted people to know about the gluten-free offerings. Just because Sugar Shack primarily bakes gluten items doesn't mean they can't safely produce something that is gluten-free. It does mean that it takes a lot of work on their part to do so.

Some bakeries that are now offering gluten-free items are catering to the trendy gf-ers. Those are people who typically would not know if they ate something than contained gluten. Many bakeries know what the deal is and how sick people can get if they unknowingly consume gluten by a so-called gluten-free bakery treat. As always, ask questions before ordering or buying gluten-free baked goods that are not made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

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