Gluten-free find of the week!

Onion & Chive seeded corn crackers under Trader Joe's label. I found the crackers in the Buckhead store for only $1.29 a box. I'm fairly certain that the same item retails for over $3 under another brand name. Score! In addition to the "no gluten ingredients" symbol, the low sodium logo is also on the box. Spread some Peachtree Pimento on the crackers and you are living the good life - no doubt!  


  1. I am so addicted to these crackers. I have been buying four or five boxes every time I came in. They put the "crack" in crackers!! :-)

    Erin S.

  2. Erin to you tooooo funny! I agree these are fab gf crackers and they are quite versatile as well. I crush them up to use as a filler in meatloaf. At least, I used the other brand (that I believe makes the crackers for TJ's) for that purpose. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! I'm so glad it's finally here after an overly stressful week of too many deadlines ;)

  3. These are good! What a great idea to use them in meatloaf, I will have to remember that =)


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