Monday, June 23, 2014

Top 10 gluten-free dining picks in the ATL

Fried chicken plate at Chick-a-Biddy
The restaurants on this list are not in any particular order.  Some places I get to more often than others, but I've not had a bad experience at any of them. These are my favorite places and might not suit everyone else's tastes - of course.  The food and drinks listed are items I've personally had which is not every gluten-free item each place offers.  As always, it's the responsibility of each gluten-free patron to choose wisely when eating out.  Bon Appétit!

  1. Rosa Mia - authentic Italian dishes available with gluten-free pasta, desserts
  2. Blue Moon Pizza - gluten-free cheesy bread, pizza, dessert, beer
  3. YEAH! Burger - gourmet burgers w/gluten-free buns, fries, onion rings, beer
  4. Park 75 - gluten-free afternoon tea service, brunch  
  5. Chick-a-Biddy. - gluten-free fried chicken (bone-in and fingers), fries, onion rings, beer 
  6. Lavender Asian Bistro - extensive Chinese and Thai gluten-free menu options
  7. Jason's Deli - gluten-free sandwiches, salads, dessert
  8. Chipotle - burrito bowl, corn tacos, guacamole
  9. Figo Pasta - gluten-free pasta, risotto, salads, dessert
  10. Tin Roof Kitchen - incredible 100% gluten-free menu (some gluten beer), breakfast, lunch and dinner daily 
*Notable mentions:

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