Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mellow Mushroom steps up gluten-free game!

As a previous patron of Mellow Mushroom (over 8 years ago), I was super excited when they introduced a gluten-free pizza crust.  It was unfortunate that I didn't care for the crust at all.  I gave it three tries (as I feel is only fair to do when a new item launches at a restaurant) and each time I could not eat the crust.  And so I didn't go back to Mellow Mushroom again until about a month ago.  Someone told me the company changed their gluten-free crust and it was not only edible, but also good.  We gave it a try and agreed.

All Mellow Mushrooms have the new crust and it's made by a very good company, but it's a custom made crust for MM.  I prefer the original crust from the company to the MM developed crust, but for a quick pizza fix on a weeknight, it's a great option.  I can also get Daura gluten-free beer at our location (beer options vary per store).  

It's been a long road for Mellow Mushroom and their gluten-free pizza journey and I'm glad they stuck with it, listened to gluten-free consumers and did right by them.  Hopefully gluten-free diners that gave up on finding good gluten-free pizza at this chain will give them another try like we did.  You might end up being pleasantly surprised!

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