Saturday, November 13, 2010

Udi's coming to Kroger & Publix in FL can sell Bard's Tale beer

Udi's gluten-free products are supposed to be rolling into all Kroger stores now, but some people have not been able to find them. I'm going to stop into a Kroger the next time I'm near one and see if they have the products yet. The items are supposed to be in the regular bakery section, like they are in Earthfare stores. Kroger is said to be carrying the entire Udi's line, not just bagels and bread as is the case at our Publix.

Also, folks in FL can now ask for Bard's Tale gluten-free beer at Publix (only in that state). The company has clearance to sell it, but consumers might have to jump start the process by asking for this exceptional gluten-free beer at their FL Publix stores. Bard's Tale is the best domestic gluten-free beer I've tried and the only place I've found it near us is Whole Foods. Of course, I'm not a beer lover in the first place and I only have it in super hot weather or in beer chili or beer  battered shrimp. It seems that people that really love Redbridge don't like Bard's Tale and vice-versa.

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