Monday, June 21, 2010

Gluten-free hotdogs at Gwinnett Braves

The ballpark out in Gwinnett County where the Atlanta farm team plays now offers gluten-free hotdogs with gluten-free buns. They were actually out of them when I called to find out where to get the gluten-free dog at the park but the Aramark manager went to Whole Foods to pick some up. They don't usually get the buns there but they are having difficulty getting the buns from their supplier (which I think is Kinnikinnick). Anyway, the bun I had (which no one could tell me the brand of) was not very good. I ended up eating mostly just the hot dog and 1/4 of the bun. It was nice to have a gluten-free beer to wash down the dry, cardboard tasting bun. There is a possibility that the gluten-free bun the park normally has is better then what I had. There is also a chance it's even worse so I doubt I'll risk finding out one way or another.

Knowing we'll be back at the park soon, I decided to ask if the hamburgers were gluten-free - without the bun, of course. I'd much rather have a burger without a bun than a hot dog with an inedible bun. Unfortunately, the hamburgers at the Gwinnett Braves park are not gluten-free, according to the Aramark manager. Rather, the hamburger patties are not gluten-free. They didn't order in gluten-free hamburger buns so now that makes sense. Aramark is really stepping up and heeding the call of their allergen free customers. However, there is not enough of a call for gluten-free items at the Gwinnett Braves games for them to worry too much about accommodating our crowd. From now on I'll make sure and have dinner before I head to the ballpark and then I'll stick to peanuts or popcorn. I don't care for Dippin' Dots but they are also offered at the park. At last check, that brand of ice cream was gluten-free.
You really can't beat the experience of enjoying a minor league baseball game. It's super easy to get in and out of the park and you can hear everything that happens on the field. It is so much easier (and much cheaper!) than heading into town to see the major league game. However, the gluten-free food cart down town at Turner Field is one of the most impressive in the country. If you do get out to see the G-Braves play, Redbridge is sold only at Neikro's inside the park and that is where I got the gluten-free hot dog as well. We asked for a take-out order but they messed up and served it in baskets you can't take to your seat.

Now that the weather is unbearably hot in Atlanta, it's strange to think of the night we went to the G-Braves game just a few weeks ago. It started raining in the 5th inning and the wind kicked up like crazy. All of a sudden it was freezing cold. I had to buy a Braves Snuggy at the gift! I've always sort of wanted one anyway (though not the Braves version) and I'm happy to report that the Snuggy is VERY warm.


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