Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finding Gluten-free Joy

Today, my doorbell never seemed to stop ringing. Danna Korn's new book "Living Gluten-Free For Dummies 2" arrived. I'll be reviewing and giving away a copy after I've had time to read it. Then came the cereal and fab tote bags from Nature's Path for my event in Chattanooga this weekend. Finally, my order arrived from Katz Gluten Free. I like fluffy hamburger buns with sesame seeds and their Challah rolls do the trick perfectly! The owners of Katz Gluten Free are some of the nicest people I've met since I started getting contacted weekly about reviewing gluten-free items.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the PR firms and companies contacting me to promote their wares. When I say I need an assistant just to manage my e-mail, I'm being dead serious. However, presently that is not an option. So I go about getting back to everyone as timely as humanly possible for me, right now. There are limits to how many gluten-free items I can taste in a week! And my low carb diet isn't going so well, with so many fab new items coming out like King Arthur Flour mixes and Udi's bagels.

In the end, I have to stop and remind myself that it's a good thing - no, make that a great thing - that there is so much gluten-free goodness available these days! It was not like this ten years ago (from what I've heard) or even four years ago when I was diagnosed with celiac. What did people do 20 years ago without the internet? We are incredibly fortunate that things are so great for so many of us these days. There are many reasons to be joyous about gluten-free living. All and all, things could be much more stressful. People could be asking me to review a bunch of food that tastes like cardboard. It seems like forever since I've had a bad experience with a nasty tasting food. Yes, remembering dirt like cookies makes me glad for Gltuenfreeda cookies. More gluten-free joy....keep it coming!

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