Friday, October 23, 2009

Follow my online work

Some of my readers have asked why I don't post on this site very much anymore. I assumed that the 'Follow My Work' links on the left side of my blog page - and a post about where I'm writing these days - would help people find me. But this was not the case for several of you. So, please accept my apologies for assuming anything - it's never a good idea no matter what the situation.

Here is where you can find my articles these days -
Triumph Dining

To those of you who asked if I'm writing at anymore, the answer is no. My husband gave me a directive to make some money at my hobby of helping the gluten-free set or get a new job. Ever since I started my gluten-free life, I enjoyed helping others learn how to enjoy it as much as I did. Unfortunately, my volunteer work didn't pay any bills. My old career held no interest for me anymore so I finally gave it up to pursue work in the gluten-free community. This requires me piece mealing an income together from various opportunities, but since what I do now does not feel like work in any way, I really can't complain. I'm happy to make the trade offs needed, in order to do something so rewarding. Thanks for being a part of my new journey - without my followers none of this would be possible!


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