Monday, September 14, 2009

Where am I these days?

Some of you are aware of my work on the website That site offered me a great platform to enter the world of internet writing. If you pay attention to detail you probably know that I am not a trained writer by any stretch of the imagination.

I started this blog in 2007 when I could not find one that helped people learn how to eat out and travel and live "normal" lives gluten-free style. Today there are a zillion such blogs and I'm thrilled to be a part of the group that knows how to live full and tasty gluten-free lives. I love spreading helpful info news to the masses - or the gluten-free masses!

Because of my readers on, I was able to transform my hobby and love of helping others live delicious gluten-free lives into a new career. So, if you followed me there I owe you a huge THANK YOU!

If you want to follow my work these days you can find my author page on here. Or you can follow The Essential Gluten-Free Blog on the Triumph Dining website here. You can also subscribe to feeds on the sites listed above. In print you can find me in the current issue of Delight GF magazine.

If you have news you think my readers can use please e-mail me at makemineglutenfree @ yahoo (dot) com. I apologize that I can not reply to every note personally these days but I do read them all.

Thanks for being a part of this interesting gluten-free journey with me. It means more than I can put into words...remember I'm not a writer by trade - just a gluten-free advocate who thinks that together we can really make a difference in this gluten filled world of ours!


  1. Tiffany,

    Glad to have you on the team! I also follow Triumph Dining, so it is great to see you over there as well. 8)

  2. Thanks Kyle! I'm glad to be part of a site that is devoted to helping the gluten-free community with the most up to date information about living gluten-free!

  3. Have you tried the Gluten Free Pizza at Partners II Pizza in Fayetteville GA. It's awesome and the owner is Celiac and very Knowledgable for customers affected.

  4. Your timing in uncanny! My review of Partners posted today. It was the best gluten-free pizza I've had dining in (or near) the ATL. FRESH crust makes ALL the difference in the world!


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