Friday, July 3, 2015

Refreshing summer cocktails

One of the most common summer "adult" beverages is the white wine spritzer, but there are other summery drinks that are just as light and refreshing.  Two of my favorites are the Gin Margarita (thank you Ted's Montana Grill) and Kombucha Sunrise.

For the first drink, just substitute gin for the tequila in your favorite margarita recipe. Garnish with fresh lime in salt rimmed glass and enjoy.

For the Kombucha Sunrise, mix two parts Gingerade Kombucha with one part vodka of your choice (distilled alcohol is gluten-free, but check status of all flavored liquors) and garnish with fresh lime.

Remember that the effects of alcohol are exacerbated in extreme heat.  As always, please drink responsibly.



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