Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Serpas - a gluten-free review

From time to time we go to pricey restaurants that offer no special gluten-free items like bread or pasta or even crackers.  At the end of the day, really amazing food can be found without the presence of specialty replacement foods.  The last place we checked out was Serpas downtown and it was totally AMAZING!

Since we were going on a Saturday night (this is a risky move that I don't suggest others do), I called ahead to discuss my gluten-free needs in detail.  As I always do at new places now, I made it clear I was NOT a trendy diet follower.  The conversation went well and I was much less apprehensive about the meal upon hanging up the phone.

Our party of five arrived at 6 pm sharp and the place was already hopping. We're used to early dinner crowds in the burbs, but were not expecting this in the hip Old Fourth Ward area downtown.  Our server asked who at the table was in need of gluten-free selections and delivered a clearly marked up menu which noted what I could and could not have.  Almost every entree offered that night was naturally gluten-free!

It was a tough decision as there were more than enough options, but I finally chose the grilled (to perfection) pork chop over (incredible creamy) grits - and the grilled peach arugula salad.  Everything was simply delectable.  I left thinking it was a shame the place was so far off our regular beaten path for us.  I also left feeling full, but not overly so.  And so very satisfied....I'm pretty sure I've never had a better pork chop anywhere!  If I had one slight criticism it would be that there was nothing worth having (to me) for dessert.  But at least that evening, I didn't miss an after dinner treat at all ;)

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