Monday, June 6, 2011

Customer Appreciation Day at Natural Foods Warehouse

Up front, I must apologize that I'm posting about this great event after the fact. I had no idea it was happening until we walked into the Duluth location on Saturday. It was our last gf food shopping stop of the day. We started at Pure Knead, hit a store that will remain unnamed as they don't deserve any publicity and hit Whole Foods before stopping at NFW. We also made a stop at Yeah! Burger for lunch (review to come on and decided to skip Trader Joe's since it's SO busy there on Saturdays. The aisles at TJ's are too small to navigate with a shopping cart when the store isn't very busy and on the weekends it's a nightmare.

There were many vendors and most of them had gluten-free tasting samples. There was some licorice candy that wasn't gluten-free, but I don't recall anything else being sampled that we could not have. It seemed like a great event and I've never seen that many people in that store ever before! Thankfully, after picking up what we needed, we didn't have to wait long in line to pay.

Natural Foods Warehouse is by far my fave place to shop for gluten-free specialty foods in the Atlanta area. No other place really compares in my book due to the winning combination of the products available plus the friendliness of the staff there. Natural Foods Warehouse now has THREE locations so if you're on the north side of town, do yourself a favor and check one of them out!

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