Thursday, January 27, 2011

Joan's bagels on sale online! (and various Atlanta tid bits)

Those of you who love Joan's GF Greatbakes bagels as much as I do might want to check out their 15% off bagel sale online! If you live in the Atlanta area, you can buy Joan's bagels (and several other exceptional products from the line) at Return to Eden. If you need to order online, consider asking a gluten-free friend to order with you as that will allow you to save on the shipping cost. I've ordered food online with as many as four other people (at once) which makes a huge different on the freight costs for each person who orders. Joan's bagel sales is good through 2-18. Use the code Feb211EMUF (online orders only) for the discount.  

While shopping at Return to Eden this past Sunday afternoon (after seeing the wonderful Toulouse-Lautrec & Friends exhibit at the HIGH), I found a couple of things worth mentioning. The dinner rolls from Olde World Artisan Bread Co. (Atlanta based company/no website) were on the shelf stable bread rack. The items have been there for a while, but I'd not tried them before. I'll review the rolls next week on, but I passed on the bread loaf as I'm happy with other breads that cost less. However, I've heard from others that the bread is exceptional. The owner of Olde World Artisan Bread Co. will be at Return to Eden this Saturday, Jan. 29th, from 1 - 3 pm. If you like breads made with healthy grains like aramanth, millet, quinoa, teff and sorghum, you might want to check out this product line.

Also, I finally picked up some Pure Knead hamburger buns (original version) at R2E. If you like the buns served at Yeah! Burger, you might want to check the buns out yourself. The amazing buns do NOT contain rice flour which I personally think explains the magic of the product line. The whole grain buns from the line are my favorite ever. Currently, the only way to enjoy them is to dine at Farm Burger in Decatur, but that will be changing very soon!
 *Above photo courtesy of Joan's GF Greatbakes.

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