Friday, December 10, 2010

Best deal in the ATL for Chex cereal

*Image courtesy of General Mills
We don't live near a Super Target anymore so I usually shop at a regular "Tarjay" as we call it. Today I stopped into our old Super Target to pick up some holiday stuff like gifts (toys) for nieces and  nephews and Rice and Corn Chex cereals to make Chex party mix. I use extra rice Chex to sub for the wheat Chex and Glutino twist pretzels to make the snack gluten-free.

This particular store always has the Chex cereals for just over $2 a box which is the least expensive price in the area. However, today it was a flat $2 a box! At least, the Corn, Rice and Honey Nut Chex cereals were $2. I believe the sale tag said the price is good through early January.

Also, more than half of the Classico pasta sauces (labeled gluten-free) were on sale for $1.84 a jar, though the regular price there is only $1.99 ea. I picked up a couple of those sauces even though they are a little watery. Cooking them down slowly yields a much tastier sauce than using it as it comes out of the jar.

Super Target's gluten-free product offerings aren't going to blow anyone away, but on some items, their prices can't be beat. And in this bad economy and gas prices rising just in time for holiday travel - anyone can appreciate that!

*For a full list of gluten-free items from General Mills, check out the LiveGlutenFreely website.



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