Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lemon muffins from Udi's are fabulous with or without butter!

Our fave gluten-free muffins from Udi's are the Lemon Streusel ones. There is nothing wrong with the Blueberry muffins in the line, but we much prefer the Lemon version. In fact, at our house, we think the Lemon muffins are some of the best we've had in life, including all gluten versions! After not being able to find the muffins at Natural Foods Warehouse where I shop for most of my gluten-free items for many weeks, I finally found out the Duluth store had dropped the Lemon because there were not moving fast enough. I met the delightful owner of the store on the day I found out about this change. He was nice enough to have someone pick up two packs of Lemon muffins from his Alpharetta store for me.

The reason I needed the muffins was due to a last minute road trip - and because I'd not had any in almost two months. We packed some muffins in a cooler and hit the highway. I left the muffins on the counter overnight as usual. The next morning I heated up the muffins and then found out that there was no butter in the house we were at. This is a house that always has butter and where I feel comfortable opening a new stick just for me, due to cross contamination issues. The owner of the house did not buy the fake butter in the fridge - which was not Earth Balance (I've heard that was the best brand). Whatever the oddly colored spread was, it was nothing like real food so we ate our beloved muffins plain. I'm happy to report that the Udi's Lemon Streusel muffins were exquisite even without butter!

Since quitting my job last year, it's hard for me to get to R2E (where the whole Udi's line is sold) and I surely can't get to the NFW location in Alpharetta for my beloved muffins. I still have six of them left so I am set for a while. I find it odd that the Lemon muffins outsell the Blueberry - at least they do at the store we shop at. I think we must have somewhat peculiar tastes and that is certainly a hindrance at times.


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