Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Gluten Free snack packs!

Happy Spring!

I just found out about this new product line and have not ordered from them yet. This is a greatly needed item for our community - I think kids will really love it! It's great for traveling - especially to places that won't allow open packages of food to be brought in from other countries.

I usually order small sizes of food from but you have to know what's gluten free before ordering there, as they don't classify anything as gluten free on that site. They have some gluten free meals as well as snacks. Perfect for people who just want to order and go!!!

UPDATE: Use code GLUTENFREE for a 20 % discount for these products. I don't have an expiration date so order soon for the savings.;jsessionid=0a0105531f431d5ecea8f71545fe93c39e7e56f2869c.e3eSc3uRax8Te34Pa38Ta38Oaxj0


  1. Save 20% on all your gluten-free purchases at - please use (and share) coupon code "GLUTENFREE"

  2. Thanks for me and my readers! I'm heading off for vacation soon so this is the perfect time to try out this product line.

  3. I just had the anywherebreak gluten free picnic pack and LOVED it! No reaction either - I will be buying more!

  4. I tried both the snack pack and the meal pack on vacation recently. Both were great! I used some of the items to supplement my lunches out and they came in handy during our picnic lunch at a rest stop on the way home as well. I'll be ordering the salmon meal next time around - they were out when I placed my first order.

    Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed the go picnic items as much as we did!


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