Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Gluten Free Chex!

The news about four new Chex cereals being reformulated to be gluten free is spreading like wildfire from coast to coast, but the actual company customer service reps have only heard about this from consumers calling in to ask about it. I spoke with one such employee today.
It will likely be another month before they will verify the information is true. Since this exact same situation happened with the new gf Rice Chex, it looks like General Mills didn't learn their lesson from that fiasco.

I'm very excited that we (gf consumers) bought enough gf Rice Chex to prove how large our market really is, and that General Mills is rising to the challange of making us more safe cereals. However, why they go to so much trouble to do it and can't bother to inform their own customer service employees about it is beyond me. I think it's pretty simple. Send out a mass e-mail explaining the new products and whatever you want the consumers to know about it. It's ridiculous that a company can not do something that simple.

Still, I'll be looking for the Corn Chex and Honey Nut Chex in June. The day I found the Rice Chex in Target (after looking for two months at every store I could think of) I danced in the asile and thought the husband was right behind me. I was singing 'I found gluten free Rice Chex' and really dancing around and then I turned and the husband was around the corner at an end cap. The other shoppers around me scurried away....they were surely scared I was absolutely! I hope I get to look deranged in the grocery aisle again very soon!

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