Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Amazing gluten free cheese crackers!

Each time I tried one of the commercially available gluten free cheese crackers, I was disappointed over and over. One version literally tasted like dirt with a slight cheese flavor. The only excellent cheese cracker-like product is actually made from all cheese and herbs by Kitchen Table Bakers. It's not really all that much like a traditional cracker, but it's excellent tasting none the less. But a gluten free Cheeze-it type cracker has eluded me for over two years. Until last week. From a listserve post about graham crackers, I found out about Sunny Valley Wheat Free in Maple Valley, WA. Though the name doesn't imply it, this company is gluten free as well as wheat free. Maybe a name change is in order...

After perusing the website offerings, I ordered the cheese crackers and some cookies and scones. Both the scones and the cookies were quite good and everything held up well shipping all the way to GA, via priority mail. But the cheese crackers...well, they tasted a LOT like a Cheeze-it. They looked like them too. The only difference might be that they are slightly more 'cheesey' and they taste like real food. The gluten crackers contain perservatives and this product does not. I've frozen a few of these cheesy delights to see how they hold up that way. If they do well (hold their flavor and terrific crunch), I'll order enough for six months or so, to pro-rate the shipping cost per package.

Generally I don't post about all the new exciting gluten free products I discover. Everyone has different tastes and what appeals to me might not do the same for you. But this product is close enough to an existing gluten product that I feel comfortable saying that if you liked Cheeze-it crackers, you'll like (or more than likely LOVE) this cracker! It's quite a remarkable little treat and when I place my next order, I'm going to try their 'Better than Grahams' crackers. Apparently they can barely keep up with the demand for those. Happy snacking!

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